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Typical monuments of Brno

Although Brno offers a lot of unusual experiences and places to visit, there are several basic sights that every visitor to Brno should know. It is a landmark of the castle Spilberk, Petrov, Villa Tugendhat associated with modern architecture, or the very heart of the city - Freedom Square.


Spilberk castle

One of the main landmarks of the city of Brno and the first monument that will attack most people in connection with this city is Špilberk Castle. The castle is strategically located on a not too high hill overlooking the city center. It was built in the 13th century for the defense of the city, but also as a majestic seat for the rulers of Moravia. During the reign of Emperor Joseph II, the castle completely changed its function and was rebuilt into a prison for the heaviest criminals and political prisoners. He was then converted into barracks for a while, but during both World Wars he returned to his previous purpose and served as a prison for opponents of the regime. It was calm until 1962, when it was declared a national cultural monument.

At present, the castle is mainly a center of culture. In addition to a tour of the castle itself or mysterious casemates, you can also visit the Brno City Museum. Every year there are many cultural festivals and events in the area. If you do not want to participate in any of them, the castle will offer you at least a wonderful view of the whole Brno.


Petrov is a stone hill, on the top of which there is a national cultural monument, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and the adjacent seat of the Brno bishopric. St. Peter and Paul is an integral part of the silhouette of the city of Brno. It is probably the oldest church in Brno with foundations from the 12th century. The whole area is protected as a national cultural monument.

In Petrov, under the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul is also a complex of Denisovy sady, Studánka Park and Capuchin Gardens. In this area there are many attractions such as Colonnade with fountain or Bastion with obelisk. From Denisovy sady there is a great view of Brno. The silhouette of the temple is also depicted on the Czech ten-crown coin.

Freedom square

This square is the heart of Brno. Its triangular shape is based on history when three main trade routes crossed the square. You can find  there many historical monuments that worth see. You should not miss the Skácel 's Fountain, which is lined with 21 verses written on the hoop around the fountain. Another significant monument is the high plague column, which was built in 1683 in memory of a severe plague epidemic
An interesting feature, which brought contradictory views, is the Brno Astronomical Clock, a special clockwork that was introduced in 2010. While ordinary visitors without detailed instructions will not tell the clock the current time, but are popular because of the glass ball, which can every day at 11 am catch. This refers to the well-known Brno legend about the siege of the city by the Swedes. After a long siege, they decided to withdraw their army if they did not win the city by noon. When Brno saw the last attack that the city will not resist by noon, they got a salvation idea and rang noon as early as 11. Swedish troops withdrew and Brno was rescued.


Vila Tugendhat

Villa Tugendhat, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an architectural gem that was built in the late 1930s. It is the work of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who is considered the founder of modern architecture and a prominent representative of functionalism.

The villa itself is worth a visit for many reasons. The cost of its construction in 1930 climbed to 5 million crowns. For comparison, 30 common houses could be built for the same amount at that time. This sum just confirms how exceptional the Villa Tugendhat building is. In the interior you can find rare materials such as wood veneer from Macassar ebony or onyx walls. Unique is also the technical equipment of the house - electronic windows and hot air heating of the house.

However, there is so much interest in guided tours in the villa that it is necessary to book a guided tour at least 3 to 4 months in advance.

Museum of the legendary tractor manufacturer

One of the interesting places, which is located near our hotel and whose visit will be appreciated especially by the technical types, is the Zetor tractor museum. It is located about 2.5 km from the hotel and is thus ideally located for a pleasant walk around Lisen. However, if you do not want to roam the city streets, there is a bus stop right in front of the area. During the excursion you can see 15 exhibited tractors. They map the production history of this company and find tractors from the most modern to the oldest. This is the model Zetor 25, which was produced already in 1945. Most of the exposed tractors are freely accessible, but three of them can only admire the eyes. In addition to the tractors exhibition, the museum offers many interactive screens, where you can watch several films and plenty of photos not only about the history of the company. For the youngest, there is a track for pedal tractors in the museum, and rock fans of the brand will be pleased to purchase promotional items from the souvenir shop.

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