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 From a small transfer station to a sought-after hotel overlooking the Alps

Buildings providing facilities for the original coaching inn Klajdovka according to historical sources existed at the time of its establishment near a standing gamekeeper's lodge - ie around 1855.

According to people born at the end of the 19th century, the inn served not only as a pub, but also as a switching station for limestone horses who carried quicklime from Březina and Ochoz to Brno.

At the end of the 1930s, the Šmerda family's southern part of the buildings was rebuilt into a modern cruise restaurant with a garden in the functionalist style - and it was named Hotel Velká Klajdovka.

Since then we have been talking about the traditional division into Malá Klajdovka - the inn above Juliánov (today the Transport Research Center in Brno), at the crossroads of the Líšeňská and Křtinská and Velká Klajdovka roads - Jedovnická Street. The hotel and restaurant are at the highest point on the way to Ochoz and gained its present appearance through extensive reconstruction in 1998. Since November 2019 there has been a change of hotel operator, that follows the pre-war glory of the hotel.

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