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Voňavé zelené lesy, průzračné divoké řeky, obrovské jeskyně…

… North of Brno is a paradise for every tourist. Walking and cycling. Just because of the dominant Růžena Quarry, the renowned Říčka Valley or the huge cave complex headed by the famous Macocha Abyss. What else could you wish for.

Perhaps only a base camp from which you could make trips to all these areas. And that camp is the Velká Klajdovka Hotel. We keep your bikes, prepare delicious food, quench your thirst. And we can also provide you with a soft bed for sleeping. All this with literally parental care.

Already wondering where you are going in the next few days? Here we have inspiration for you.


Trail of Bystrouška fox to Bílovice

Lovers of longer trips can take several interesting routes from Hotel Velká Klajdovka. One of them will take you to a picturesque village spread on the banks of the Svitava River and adjacent slopes - Bílovice nad Svitavou.

From the hotel, follow the yellow trail that leads through the Hádecká planina. Walk along the forest paths to the Šumber crossroads. Make it a little blue tour to the memorial of S. K. Neumann, a Brno journalist and poet. On the way to it is worth seeing the limestone rock Šumbera with a small cave. But we will disappoint amateur speleologists because the entrance is blocked by stones.

At the Kopanina crossroads, change the yellow sign to green. It will lead you past the monument to Josef Ressl, the inventor of the propeller. A little farther, look at the gamekeeper's lodge in which he stayed.

Just a few steps from the Ressl Memorial, water your mouth with water from the well of the painter Stanislav Lolek, the illustrator of the Cunning Little Vixen. The name of the author of the Cunning Little Vixen - Rudolf Těsnohlídek - even gave the name to the whole valley.

In order not to disclose all the surprises that await you along the way, we will move along the green to the edge of the valley - to the hunting lodge of Cunning Little Vixen. And here we will close the interdependence of mutual inspiration of Czech artists - Leoš Janáček, composer and native of Hukvaldy, composed the opera The Cunning Little Vixen thanks to reading Těsnohlídek's Fable.

If you are tired, take a bus or train to nearby Brno in Bílovice. But before you sit down in one of the local cafes, pastry shops or pubs. Bílovice has its distinctive atmosphere. The more skilled ones can follow the cycling path, which is also excellent for skaters, as far as Obřany in Brno.

Walk through Těsnohlídek valley

Another easy route for hiking or cycling is the nearby Bílovice nad Svitavou. One way is approximately 6 km long and offers undemanding terrain for a relaxing walk. The journey begins near the hotel at Hádecká planika, where you can go with your four-legged pets for a beautiful walk in the forest, what is good iespecially n hot summer. Then it continues through Těsnohlídek Valley, where you can visit Ressl's gamekeeper's lodge or Liduška memorial referring to the place where Rudolf Těsnohlídek and friends found a deferred child named Liduška. Near Bílovice there are several observation towers with a beautiful view of the surroundings and in the center you can find several restaurants where you can refresh before the return journey.

Proper hiking to the cave complex

If you are interested in a more difficult route, you can visit the complex of the caves of Ochoz. They are located about 8 km from the hotel in Říčky Valley. The largest, the Ochoz cave has so far mapped more than 1800 meters and is considered by many experts to be one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic due to its rich ceiling decoration. Unfortunately, due to frequent floods, the cave is open only occasionally and with a guide, but the surrounding smaller caves are still open and freely accessible to all tourists. If such a portion of tourism is not enough for you, you can continue and head for the nearby Olšany. They are known mainly for the Bolek Polívka's farm. However, this trip is bit longer so we recommend to go by bike.

NPR Hádecká planinka

National nature reserve, exceptional for its steppe and forest steppe communities in the southernmost part of the Moravian Karst. The highest point of the plateau, the limestone hill of Hády, reaches a height of 424 meters above sea level.

In spring, local meadows are covered by groups of colorful flowers: yellow glowing primrose, blue-colored pasque flowers or blue-violet speedwell. As he grows on the banks of the river Svratka, his bitter poem is described by Vítězslav Nezval in Brno.

In the hot summer, the local oak-hornbeam forests offer a great opportunity to walk in the shade of mature trees. From the forested edge of the Hades, the tourists enjoy the panorama of Brno literally in the palm of their hand.

VKP Růženin lom

The southern boundary of the Hádecká plateau is formed by the steeply falling walls of an abandoned limestone quarry - living proof of human greed and greed.

By adventurous descent along its edge, you will suddenly find yourself in an environment cut out of the American canyon. The walls at the foot of the quarry are washed by several lakes with clear water, all around it is multiplied by rare plants and birds. The quarry was left to nature after mining - and it has done an incredible amount of work over the years.

A quiet place for swimming

If you are looking for a swimming place that is not as crowded as the Brno Dam, try swimming in the Marian Valley. Three reservoirs were built on the local river Říčka, which are currently used by the general public for sports. You can swim in all the tanks, but the first two are the most popular - they have a greater depth and cleaner water. There are also several sports facilities around the water, where you can play beach volleyball or table tennis. You can get there by public transport line 55 or by car - near the tank there is a large parking lot. However, there are several well-maintained paths to the valley, so you can go on foot, by bike, skates or even with a stroller and enjoy a relaxing walk.

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